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Banger Skin Painting Guide

Below is a guide on how to paint skins to be used within Online Bangers : Wreckfest on Next Car Game : Wreckfest.

Step 1
Open one of the banger teamplates, that can be found on our website under Downloads > Wreckfest > Templates > Bangers.

Step 2
Customise the template to however you like it. Please make sure that your race number is clear on the roof fin and you do not have a championship roof grade showing, that you do not have within UKDirt.

For most cars you can paint the image as a flat paint layer with no body detail showing through. The other files that accompany the skin will make the body detail show through.

Step 3
Save the file as a .tga file with the following names:
  • SkinXXX_c5.tga
  • SkinXXX_damaged_c5.tga
Replace XXX with your race number.

Step 4
Locate your steam directory and go to "Steam\steamapps\common\Bugbear Entertainment\tools". Now drag each of the .tga files you created earlier over "build_asset.bat".

This will convert your skins for use in game. Do not close the command prompt that will pop up and also do the files one by one.

Step 5
Once converted, you should now have two more files in the location you saved your .tga files. These files will be named as follows:
  • SkinXXX_c5.bmap
  • SkinXXX_damaged_c5.bmap
Again the XXX should match your race number that you entered in Step 3.

Step 6
Now for the other files required for the skin. For your skin to work you will also need the following files:
  • SkinXXX_damaged_n.bmap
  • SkinXXX_damaged_s.bmap
  • SkinXXX_n.bmap
  • SkinXXX_s.bmap
For these files, you can use ones that are already within the main mod itself, as creating these can be tricky to get looking correct.

To get these files, locate where you installed the game and go to "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\228380\740683245\data\vehicle".

Step 7
Locate the folder for the car you are painting, go into that and then to the art folder.
  • "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\228380\1313319130\data\vehicle\CHASSIS_NAME_HERE\art\"
Scroll down within the art folder and find the below files:
  • skinblank_damaged_n.bmap
  • skinblank_damaged_s.bmap
  • skinblank_n.bmap
  • skinblank_s.bmap
Copy these files out to the directory where you saved your .tga files and rename them to match the names at the start of Step 6, with your correct race number replacing the XXX.

Step 8
Now that you have those 6 skin files, you just need to create a vepa file. To do this, go to the following directory
  • "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\228380\740683245\data\vehicle"
Now locate the folder for the car you are painting, go into that and then to the part folder then the paint folder.
  • "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\228380\1313319130\data\vehicle\CHASSIS_NAME_HERE\part\paint\"
Find a .vepa file from in there and copy it to the directory where you saved your .tga files and rename it to match your race number.

You should now have a .vepa file named XXX.vepa.

Step 9
To edit the .vepa file, you will need to use BagEdit, which is Bugbear's tool for updating files.

This tool can be found in "Steam\steamapps\common\Bugbear Entertainment\BagEdit".

Double click "BagEditCommunity.exe" to open bagedit. You may get a missing .DLL error, if so you will need to go find this online and download it.

Step 10
Once bagedit has been opened, you will need to go File > Open and open the file you copied earlier.

When that is opened, you need to change the following :
  • Display Order - put your race number here.
  • Texture - should match your skin file name, so SkinXXX_c5, with no file extention on it.
  • Name - this is the name the skin will show as in game
  • Now save this and your skin should be ready to go in game.
Now save this and your skin should be ready to go in game.

Step 11
Before you go to put the skin in game, you should have the following files:
  • SkinXXX_c5.bmap
  • SkinXXX_damaged_c5.bmap
  • SkinXXX_damaged_n.bmap
  • SkinXXX_damaged_s.bmap
  • SkinXXX_n.bmap
  • SkinXXX_s.bmap
  • XXX.vepa

Step 12
Now to get the skin ingame, you need to put the 6 .bmap files in the following directory:
  • "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\228380\1313319130\data\vehicle\CHASSIS_NAME_HERE\art\"
Then you need to put the .vepa file in the following directory:
  • "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\228380\1313319130\data\vehicle\CHASSIS_NAME_HERE\part\paint\"
If you cannot find a folder name 1313319130, then you have not subscribed to the UKDirt Bangers Skinpack on the steam workshop.

Step 13
Now you should be able to start up the game and see your car in game, provided you have the UKDirt Bangers Skinpack on.

If you add any cars into the folders above and they are not within the skinpack, you will not be able to join the server.

To send in your skins, make sure to include all files that are listed within step 11. Please also if you can, include them in a folder named after the chassis so we know where to put it.

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