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What is Super-Server?

'Super-Server' is a dedicated server that we rent from Gaming Deluxe. It is connected to a high speed internet connection which in theory could allow us to have; in heat 24 cars; in rFactor 30 cars; in a race. It's available for use 24 hours a day, and available exclusively to UK-Dirt members.

The number of cars in a race on Cybernetic depends on the formula racing and race format, but we usually see an average of 20 cars in a final. This is a massive improvement on the 13/14 we get when using normal broadband based servers.

This extra performance doesn't come for free. The annual rental comes to £1350-1500 per server, depending on the rental arrangement we can afford at the time. Unfortunately, there isn't a generous sponsor willing to pay for this and make it available free to all. As a result we decided that the best way to take advantage of the server was to get all members to club together to and contribute an equal amount.

To be fair to all those that do contribute, access to the Cybernetic server is limited to only those that have paid. However, new members are given a 2 week trial to experience the improved racing for just £5 and see why we think the contribution is worth every penny.

The fee is set to run in line with the majority of formula's seasons, i.e. March to Feb. As the season progresses, the fee will reduce so that members won't be paying over the odds for less than half a year.

After the success of the first year on Cybernetic, it has been decided that all formulas will now run on Cybernetic, which unfortunately does mean we can no longer offer any free leagues. However, check out some of the facts and figures below, and you will see that £15 isn't all that much to pay for good quality racing and fun.

Facts and figures

£15 may sound like a lot, but when you look at what you can get from it, you may think again.

  • There were 38 F1 meetings in 2015, not including any special events, without racing in any other leagues you are paying only 39p per meeting.
  • For the racing junkies racing in every league, every week night (March-Nov)not even including the Winter Series would cost you only 13p a meeting.
  • The fee covers every formula, once you have paid, you can race and practice in all of them without having to spend more money.
  • Add to this the fact that there are bound to be extra 'one-off' meetings, and almost unlimited practice at no extra cost, the value just increases.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get racing!!!
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