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Connecting To an rFactor Server

There isn't much difference between practice nights and race nights. The procedure is pretty much the same with exception of the chat and that the race manager will tell you where to go.

On race nights everyone follows the following procedure:

  • At the advertised start time we all meet up in the UK-Dirt IRC Chat Channel(configuration details available to members).
  • The grids for heat races will be available to members on the forum, on the day of the meeting. The race manager will tell people when and where they should go for races. You must be a member to view the actual IP adress and the server password
  • When told to go and race, close everything down
    • Chat
    • Firewalls
    • Virus Scanners
    • Automatic Updaters (Windows Update)
    • Any other program that may use internet bandwidth or connection
    • We recommend running EndItAll before connection to a server.

  • Step 1) Within the main rFactor menu on the left hand side of your screen, click on the bottom icon

  • Step 2)Click join within the bottom icon submenu.

  • Step 3) Once you have clicked join, you should see a list of various server. Click on the blue + button, this will allow you to enter the I.P address for the server

  • Step 4) Enter the IP address of the server that you have been told to go to in the pop up you now see on screen. Click accept.

  • Step 5) If you have entered the correct I.P address the server will be shown like below, select this server by clicking on it.

  • Step 6) After selecting the server it should turn orange and bring up the load game button in the bottom right hand side of your screen, click load game.

  • Step 7) If a password is required for ths server a pop up like below will appear on screen. Click within the black box and then enter the password and click ok.

  • Step 8) After entering the correct password the vehicle spinner will be shown on screen. Make sure you have the correct car and skin selected then click the load circuit button on the bottom right have side of your screen to enter the server.

  • Make sure you have read all the rules. You will not be popular if you get them wrong.

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