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Banger Installation Guide

Below is a guide on how to install the required mods and game to race bangers on UKDirt.

Base Game
The game the banger mod is based on is named Next Car Game: Wreckfest. This is run through steam and the required mod along with track mods are free to download via the steam workshop.

Buy the game here: HERE

Required Mods
  • UK Short Ovals: HERE
  • KizzasTrackPack: HERE
  • DalagsTracks: HERE
  • Online Bangers : Wreckfest: HERE
  • UKDirt Bangers Skinpack: HERE
The mods need to be in the order they are listed above for meetings.

Once you have subscribed to these mods, they should download automatically within steam.

To activate these mods after they have downloaded. Load wreckfest, click on mods on the main home screen and then check the boxes next to each mod to turn them on. Also use the arrows beside the mod name to move them order. Make sure they are in the order above, otherwise you will not get in server. After activating the mods, the game will need to be restarted.

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