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Installation Guide

You have to purchase rFactor (the base game for F1, F2 and Saloons) either as a CD or via Steam. The below briefly details the installation processes.

Installer (CD) Type Install
  • Once you've downloaded it, you will be required to enter an activation code (CD Version)
    - This comes with your download or CD - and is used to verify your copy of rFactor.
  • We recommend a clean install to start with to eliminate any problems that may arise.
  • We also recommend that you install rFactor to its default directory within Windows.
    - Typically, this will be C:/Program Files (x86)/rFactor for Vista and Win7/10 users.
    - If you are on XP or earlier this will be C:/Program Files/rFactor
  • Once all this is done, you are ready to go.
    - Simply double click the installer for the mod/track and it will install the relevant files to the rFactor directory.
    - This would also be relevant for any league skin packs etc if their installer is pointed in the same way as mod installs.

Steam Install Users

rFactor is now only available from new as part of Steam and as such, mods are installed in a different place.

Luckily, our resident tutorial video maker, FreeW has made this clear to follow video on how to install mods and tracks to a Steam install of rFactor. This would also apply to any league skin packs or alternative tracks.

rFactor Version

In order to use the mods within UK Dirt, you are required to have the game downloaded/patched to version 1.255.
You should check this before installing any of the rFactor mods from the UK Dirt web site - this will prevent any mismatch errors.

To check you are on the correct version, launch the rFactor game and check the screen:

rFactor Version

Installing Mods from UK Dirt
  • Download and install the Mods required from the relevant pages within the site.
  • The files must be installed in the order they are listed on the web site.
  • You will also be required to download and install the tracks and skin packs.
  • Skin packs must be downloaded and installed in the order they are listed on the website.

Additional rFactor Information

For both installation types rFactor has the same folder structure which are located within the main rFactor folder. Within there you will find the following folders that could be of use to know:

  • Game Data > Vehicles - Location for all mod cars and you will also find all of the UKDirt Skin packs are installed into folders within here.
  • Game Data > Locations - This is where all tracks should be installed to.
  • Replay Fridge - Pretty self-explanatory, this is where all replays are saved or can be downloaded and put into to view.
  • User Data > **Username** - This is where you will find all of your setups.

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